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Wellcome to my page!!!!!

The page is back... I still need to go to the doctor
I'm looking for some peace and rest but, right now, these are the last things I can have... Incredible but true... I got a Job...

Lazer Rules!!!
Listing Site Updates
19/08/03     I update a bit... but it looks like freeservers don`t work so fine...

23/04/03     I trying to update, but is so hard... The work kills me!!!

20/03/03     Bush wanted a war, now the war started, Lord knows what will happen... At 02:30, the bombs started to rain...

Here you have the guilty
Leandro Oberto meet Yeti.

The Barcelona's MangaCon will never be the same

If you want to see the old guilty's shot click HERE

Thank you for all the help you give me
At last, we have a forum!!! You can give me your opinions and, if you want, help me for done a better webpage (Warning: Is in Spanish)
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one new links on the link's page, three images in the second art page and the same photos in the photo's page... And the Guestbook!!!
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